oh what a lovely thing to do...

is currently giving away quite the beaute! 
a ring that is, if you comment on her blog 
(& two points if you blog about it also!)

i can't help but notice how adorable her little 'kiddo' is!!
 how delightful are his curls and puppy dog eyes?!
 oh how i love kids... i can't wait to see my nieces and nephews this summer!

the ring that's being giving away is amazingly imperfect. 
i love the meaning behind it:
"Inspired by the idea of imperfection - in nature, in people and in life. This jewelry defines acceptance. What may be considered inconceivable flaws to other jewelers- file markings, visible seams and unpolished edges are the trademark of Beauty in Imperfection. The forms are simple and graceful but the blemishes are what give the jewelry depth and character."

take a looksie here: