It's been awhile...

I've been so busy getting ready for graduation, with my two internships (Anthropologie & CCAD Design Group), my 22nd birthday, and CCAD's Student/Alumni Art Sale that I've abandoned my poor blog! Well I'm back and have so much to share!

      (progress shots of laguna wave concept-- more pictures of final soon!)


ART SALE + ANTHROPOLOGIE (bike wheels) + THE SHOW (guerrilla tactic):
(I sold my silkscreens & hair pieces and gave away Anthropologie's old window display! 
It was a great day!) 

Did I mention that April is always nuts for my family and I??....
My sister's birthdays were the 16th and the 21st (today)!?
Happy Birthday Tricia & Leigh!!! 
And you too Grandpa!! He'll be 90 on the 24th!