She's got some awesomely great points!!!

Excerpt from Jessica Hische's Blog:

Don’t be a dick.
If you are friendly and enjoy talking to new people, you will hands-down have an easier time promoting yourself and getting work than folks that are not (sorry anti-socialites, but it is true). The truth is, it doesn’t matter how talented you are, if you are a total a-hole or incapable of talking to other human beings, it will be a massive struggle for you to get repeat clients or even to secure clients first time around. So much of the design and illustration industry is building relationships with people. It’s a bit different for illustrators than designers, (illustrators tend to not meet most of their clients face to face nowadays), but nonetheless, if you are personable the chances that an art director will want to hire you / work with you are way higher than if you aren’t. Imagine if you had to put together your own “dream office environment”. Who would you populate it with? At first you might think to take the most talented folks you know, stick them in a room together, and wait for the magic to happen, but you would ultimately be disappointed with the results. You need a good team dynamic, you need people that can keep their egos in check, and most importantly you need people that you generally want to be around if you’re going to be spending 9 (16) hours a day with them.

One of my favorite points from this post. 
Also, she's not too shabby at typography (and by this I mean freakin' stellar). 
I must say I definitely admire her work & hope someday mine will reach the level hers has. 
I wish that 'someday' would be today or I can pencil in tomorrow too. :P