Today has started out pretty rough...
this is going to be a pitty party 
so if you're not in the mood just stop reading now.

First, the half double for rent that we had a showing 
for tomorrow is now rented. THANKS. 
(It was beautiful & I am sad.)

Second, it's pouring rain. I love the rain, but not today.
(You shall learn why in reason #4 and #5.)

Third, it took forever to get to work due to 3-4 lights being out on Broad.
(Some people don't know how to drive which made me end up flicking off a little kid 
because their parent flew through the intersection without even stopping. I hope 
you know you could have totally gotten T-Boned at your child's expense. 

Forth, I realized that my umbrella wasn't in my car, but safe and cosy at home. 

Fifth, Got drenched running into work because I had to park pretty far due to
someone taking up 2 spots in the parking lot. THANKS.

Okay I feel better now. Just had to let that out.
I will be damned if I'll let the rest of today be shitty because...


^^^^little bit of playing in illustrator/photoshop^^^^