FREE 'sponsorship' support!

I'm currently 'inspired' by Eternal Optimist's recent post:
As many of you probably know, I'm obsessed with reading blogs by both new and "old" bloggers. I love drawing inspiration from other peoples' fashion sense, DIYs, and just overall random blurbs. After I started blogging, I realized just how many blogs there are out there. Since one of my favorite things to do is discovering new blogs, I've decided to try something. I wanted to create a space to support other blogs/bloggers.
"So what does it all mean Basil?" * 
Well, I wanted to offer up my sidebar up for FREE sponsorship support. Just create a button for your blog and send it to me (let me know if you need help with this). So what's the catch? Nothing really, the only thing I ask is that you support my blog in return by placing my button on your page.
& I personally couldn't have said it any better! So here's the dealio: You support me. I'll support you! Just grab the button below and start supporting, then e-mail me your button and I'll, in return, support you. How great is that?!

Don't worry! The button will be really 150X150 pixels!

Don't know how to create a button? No worries!
Here's how: How to create a button!