JUSTICE: Indie Spirit

Here's a little sample of the Justice Spring floorset, INDIE SPIRIT, that I worked on with my amazing team!

Sprinkle in a little indie magic with bold blooms, free-spirited photo prints, elaborate embellishments & aztec patterns! 

Below is the catalog (click for a lightbox gallery):

2011 VS Fashion Show Viewing Party

Chelsie Burkhart & Cornelius Jackson
(photo by Joseph Charlton)

The party was a success & a blast! A special thank you to The Social Room for letting us have our 2nd annual party at your bar, to Ken for helping me put up that monster of a Step and Repeat, to Chelsie Burkhart behind the camera, and DJ Cornelius Jackson for making some sick beats. Thank you to all who attended and those who contributed their time and mula to make this happen--YOU'RE THE BEST!!! Until next year... 

To view more photos of the night click here & here.

I miss it...

I miss silkscreening-- like crazy. 

I haven't been in a lab since graduation (May of 2010). Does anyone know of a local (Columbus, Oh) silkscreen lab that you can rent the space or something, anything!?!?

I'm in need of making a new round of my 'Holy Moley' that I did way back in November of 09.

It's ALL sold out now & I have people that want to purchase some from me 
now due to a YouTube sensation of a Father/Daughter duet.

Lifebulb Design  (Photo by Chad Hughes)
Perfect for Weddings!!

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros 'Home'
I'm sure you've seen the Father/Daughter duet that has caught the eye of everyone!